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Finds - Royal King 1.0 Liter Round Baking Dish with Lid



Product Type: Homelines

Vendor: Royal King


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ROYAL KING™ Borosilicate Glass is durable and able to withstand temperature changes, it can go from a 32°F to (0°C) freezer to pre-heated 450°F (232°C) oven without shattering. However, like all glass, it's still breakable, and should always be handled with care. While perfect for putting a thawing dish in the oven, putting hot Borosilicate glass immediately into cold water may still cause it to crack to break.

● 1.0 Liter Round Baking Dish with Lid
● Oven and microwave safe
● Made of High Borosilicate Glass
● Non-Reactive and Non-Toxic
● Excellent heat conduction for even baking
● Clear glass for better baking monitoring
● Classic and elegant food server
● Dishwasher safe
● Suitable for serving and storage
● Freezer and fridge safe
● Avoid sudden temperature changes
● Food grade hygienic
● Ideal from kitchen to table
● S.G.S (Standard Global Services) Passed ✔✔✔

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