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Fisher Price Feeding Dish 8 Baby Food Freezer Cubes w/Tray



Product Type: Infants

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Fisher Price Feeding Dish 8 Baby Food Freezer Cubes w/Tray

With tray for easy storage
Each cube holds 70ml/2.3oz
Perfect for storing homemade baby food
Great for breast milk storage
How to use
Fill each cube with baby food to be frozen.
Ensure food has cooled before freezing.
Fill the cubes to below the 70ml marked line as contents expand when frozen.
Ensure lid is securely fastened in position.
Place cubes into the freezer.Allow 4 hours or more freezing time.
Run the cube under warm water when frozen.Do not force the lid to open.
This product is microwave safe short period only.Do not use this product in your microwave for longer than 2 minutes at a time.Open lid before use in microwave.
When using a microwave,the outside of the product will feel cooler than the food.
After heating,stir and mix contents well.Always check food temperature before feeding.
The frozen food cubes should be used within a month of freezing.

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